Axiomatic 5.5″ High Definition

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Utilize A High-Quality Camera Facility

The 2MP main intelligent rear-triple camera showcases your photographic prowess to the fullest extent. The happiest moments of your life deserve to be preserved in a photograph.

Get A Durable Phone From Oale Mobile!

If you want to stay on top of the newest features and trends, choose OALE A20 as your next smartphone. With its cutting-edge technology, superiority can take you to the next level.

Become a Master of the Art of Photography and Filmmaking

Make the most of your most memorable moments by capturing them in all of their splendour with a professional photographer.

A Shape With An Ingenious Contour-Cut

When it comes to a really immersive experience, the OLAE A10 is hard to beat. Multitasking computers include all of the newest hardware and software features.

Bring A New Level Of Elegance To Your Creative Efforts

You won't be disappointed with OALE A10. As a result of this wonderful technology, your entire world has been undergoing transformations. In this film, your work, play, and communication methods will all be revolutionized..


Never Before Has It Been More Fun To Capture Breathtaking Images And Videos.

With the OALE A10, you can take crystal-clear photos and videos. From adorable selfies to razor-sharp landscape pictures, there's something for everyone. You receive all you require in one fell swoop, all at the same time.

2MP Front Camera 2MPRear Camera

Interested in Dependability and Performance? Look no further

A solid sense of security comes included with the OALE A20. You can do more with the long-lasting battery. Keep all of your belongings in your set and take in the fantastic performance.

The Amount Of Energy That Allows You To Get Through Your Day.

The OALE A20 is equipped with a robust and fast-charging 3050mAh battery that travels with you and keeps you connected to the rest of the world even when you're away from your home or workplace. If you're a gamer, the finest set for you will be the perfect combination of entertainment and utility.


5.5” Water Drop Screen

The mobile device has a bigger screen that looks great and gives you a great experience.

AI Facial Identification

Your Smile the only one thing you need now to get into your phone.

Android 10.0

Make your phone experience the best it can be with the most up-to-date technology.

2MP Rear AI Camera

With AI, you can make a stelpless zoom effect and learn about the wonders of computational imaging


Both, the best speed and memory come together in one set.


In your device, you have a very smart brain. In the next level of efficiency and accuracy.

2MP Front Camera

When you take a selfie, you can send it to your friends. You can also video call them. When you use the 2MP Front Camera, you look great.

3050mAh with FPS

It has a strong charge that keeps you charged up all the time.

SIM card

Dual SIM card, dual standby

A Series | A20

Axiomatic 5.5” HD. The Quality It Speaks for Itself.