Boundless 6.1″ HD

dewdrop screen,
Mesmerizing visual experience

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6.1 inch full screen, infinite possibilities

6.1 inch 19:9 dewdrop display reveals an amazing screen ratio, exquisitely rounded and full of tension.

Comes in four different and unique colors

Unique color, colliding with flowing unbridled brilliance

Colorful, derived from nature

The sophisticated color imagination inspired by the splendid stars and mysterious night, noble and soft warm gold, newly resurrect green, natural primary colors, just like immersive.

Smart unlock, one press to open

New technology, smart life, CC2 rear fingerprint sensor, one press to open, smart and intelligent.


Transformative triple-camera, reconstruct the horizon

Classic matrix design, transformative triple-camera system, see through the powerful iconic square, reconstruct your vision.

5MP Front Camera 8MPRear Camera

Portrait mode, smart selfie

CC2 is equipped with a 5MP front camera, which has the latest upgraded AI automatic scene and light and shadow detection function to help you capture the best moments.

Excellent energy efficiency, strong performance

3200mAh battery capacity, with the optimization and upgrade of the entire system, the software deep processed, the screen is carefully customized, giving you excellent endurance.. MTK chipset is optimized and upgraded by the R&D team, which is smarter and more stable.


6.1" HD - dewdrop Screen

Allowing you to make the most out of the complete screen size creating boundless visual experience

8MP Three Cameras

Three cameras inspire you to capture images in more ways than ever before creating exquisite and natural photography.

5MP Front Camera

The selfie is more refined and natural with the use of facial recognition technology,

AI Facial Identification

Our Facial Identification can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on the person's facial textures and shape


2GB Ram ensures a high number of applications at the same time along with 16GB of storage

3200mAh with FPS

Providing you relief with 3200mAh as it ensures full day endurance

Android 9.0

Upgraded to Android 9.0, the mobile’s usability is taken to new level

MTK chipset

Powerful chipset making it easy for you to multitask and manage your work

fingerprint recognition

Comes with a sensor that can quickly detect finger and activate mobile


Boundless 6.1″ HD dewdrop screen, Mesmerizing visual experience