MAX 20


Axiomatic 6.6” HD

The Quality Speaks On Its Own

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Have Access To A Professional Studio

The 8MP main intelligent rear-triple camera shows off your photography skills to the best of your ability. Take a picture of the best parts of your life and keep it forever.

You Require A Power Phone Right Now

Make sure you don't get left behind on the latest trends with OALE MAX 20, which has all the latest features. You can let the superiority take you to the next level with its cutting-edge technology.

Create Stunning Images And Movies Like A Pro

Make The Most Of Your Best Moments By Capturing Them In All Their Glory

Body With A Smart Contour-Cut

OLAE MAX 20 gives you the ultimate experience that you can hold in your hand. When you buy a multitasking computer, you get all the new technology that you need now.

Your Artistic Endeavors Will Get A New Level Of Elegance

OALE MAX 20 is a treat for the eyes. Your whole world has been changed by this technology that is so good. Your work, play and communication styles are all changed in this movie.


Taking Stunning Photos And Movies Has Never Been More Exciting

Make clear pictures and videos with the OALE MAX 20. Lovely selfies to super-precise landscape shots: You get everything you need in one shot, all at once.

5MP Front Camera 8MPRear Camera

You're Looking For Dependability And Performance?

OALE MAX 20 has all the features that you need with a strong sense of confidence. The battery lasts a long time, which lets you do more. Keep all your things in your set and enjoy the great show.

The Energy That Keeps You Going Throughout The Day

The OALE MAX 20 has a powerful and fast-charging 3350mAh battery that stays with you and keeps you connected to the world even when you're away from home. If you're a gamer, the best set for you is the perfect mix of fun and usefulness.


6.6” Water Drop Screen

The mobile device has a bigger screen that looks great and gives you a great experience.

AI Facial Identification

Your Smile the only one thing you need now to get into your phone.

Android 10.0

Make your phone experience the best it can be with the most up-to-date technology.

8MP Rear AI Camera

With AI, you can make a stelpless zoom effect and learn about the wonders of computational imaging


Both, the best speed and memory come together in one set.


In your device, you have a very smart brain. In the next level of efficiency and accuracy.

5MP Front Camera

When you take a selfie, you can send it to your friends. You can also video call them. When you use the 5MP Front Camera, you look great.

3350mAh with FPS

It has a strong charge that keeps you charged up all the time.

Fingerprint recognition

To never forget: a password that you will never forget. The sensor is very good at quickly figuring out who you are.

Max Series | MAX20

Axiomatic 6.6” HD The goodness speaks for itself