Bezel-free 6.1” HD

Waterdrop notch screen, smaller footprint 

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Water drop notch screen, smaller footprint

The bold move to give a more vertical display offers a rich user experience and a classy look at the same time. A Thinner bezel gives you a wider zone to play around.

Fast, convenient and secure with the intelligent Face Recognition

Let the technology identify you through the unique features of your face. No tapping on buttons. Keep your data secure by minimizing the chances of an intruder to zero.

Inventive with striking colors that suits your personality

Every color offers the magnificence that gives off a unique feel.

Colors that define you

With the boundaries of every color tint stretched and exacerbating the style

Splendor & Security

The amazing fingerprint recognition feature is a fashion statement


The mesmerizing AI technology renovates an ordinary into a killer shot

Capture your moment from the precisely correct angle by 3 AI based cameras. The imaginative potential you can achieve is boundless

5MP Front Camera 8MPRear Camera

Selfie splendor that will leave everyone speechless

Take inspiring photos any time. Have the attention given to even the smallest details and celebrate the magnitude. Thoughtful and focused photography.

Explore the visual full day

The challenge of endless excitement is accepted with the 3200mAh powerful battery. Handle the bad weather, travel and nonstop gaming binge with the resilient power.


6.1" HD - IPS Water Drop Screen

Allowing you to make the most out of the complete screen size creating boundless visual experience

8MP AI Three Cameras

Three cameras inspire you to capture images in more ways than ever before creating exquisite and natural photography.

5MP Front Camera

The selfie is more refined and natural with the use of facial recognition technology,

AI Facial Identification

Our Facial Identification can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on the person's facial textures and shape


2GB Ram ensures a high number of applications at the same time along with 16GB of storage

3200mAh with FPS

Providing you relief with 3200mAh as it ensures full day endurance

Fingerprint Recognition

Comes with a sensor that can quickly detect finger and activate mobile

X Series | X1 Plus

The Magnificence of Bezel-free 6.1” HD Water Drop Notch Display